FOP Legal Defense Fund

Legal defense

  The  Fraternal Order of Police-Legal Defense Plan, Inc. was created by the  National FOP to administer the FOP Legal Defense Plan.  This program is  designed to cover law enforcement officers in the event they have an  exposure to any criminal, civil, or administrative actions or  proceedings.  This continues to be the most popular benefit to our  members.  Prices vary depending on your needs.  

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Jim Lein Memorial Scholarship

 This  scholarship is open to children of Wyoming FOP members, in active or  retired status, that are 22 years of age and younger.  The member must  be in good standing with their local lodge at the time of submission.   Children of deceased Wyoming FOP members that were in good standing at  the time of their death, are also eligible.  Candidates are not required  to pursue a specific field of study and can apply for this scholarship  more than once, although preference will be given to first time  applicants. 

Applications  must be received between January 15th and March 15th of each year.   Scholarships are awarded by May 1st of that same year.  

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Jim Lein Scholarship (docx)